Moss Aquamarine: Everything You Need To Know!

moss aquamarine

A variety of colors with their beauty are responsible for the creation of the best charm in this world. Of course, who would not love to see the beauty of the colors? And one such colorful beauty is moss aquamarine. Yes, this beautiful stone is a combination of ocean blue and moss green color. With its amazing appearance, it will give a feast to the eyes of the people. It is a semi-precious stone that acts as a substitute for blue sapphire in astrology. This unique stone will convert your inner attitude into a strong individual personality. Moreover, it will help in your love life.

Fact sheet of the stone:

This crystal is the birthstone of the month of March.

The specific gravity of the stone is 2.6 to 2.8 and its refractive index is 1.57 – 1.58.

It is a typically hard stone. The hardness of the stone is 7.5 to 8.0

What does the amazing stone historically mean?

There is no definite opinion on how long people have been using these stones.  But, the roots of this blue-green beauty date back hundreds of years. There is mention of this stone in ancient folklore. Ancient mankind thought that mermaids own this stone as a treasure. Roman sailors in the olden days believed that it can bring good luck and also give protection to the oceans while traveling. Furthermore, some even believed that it can give ever-ending youth and happiness. There is evidence that the people of China used this crystal to make seals, showpiece dolls, etc.

Meaning of this stone Moss Aquamarine:

The name of the stone was derived from a Latin language, water of the sea ( aqua- water and marine- of the sea). The stone symbolizes transformation and rebirth. Moreover, it gives calmness, clarity, and harmony to its wearer.

Distinguishing features of the blue-green beauty:


 It belongs to the beryl family. People call is as Beryllium Aluminum Silicate in chemical terms. This crystal has beryllium, silicon, aluminum, iron, mica, and hematite.


This wonderful crystal is generally in ocean blue color. You can see this crystal in greenish-blue color rarely. And this stone looks like it was painted by some painter. In fact, you can see green color spots on the ocean blue background.  The color is due to the presence of iron in larger amounts. The increased blue and green colors in the stone enhance its value in the market.

Clarity of the stone:

People regard this stone as transparent to translucent in nature. Normally, there green colored inclusions present in the stone giving a beautiful appearance. And after polishing and treatment, this stone shows vitreous luster.

Cut and shape:

Many professional craftsmen mainly choose to carve this stone in a square or rectangle in shape and cut. And also, you can see this beautiful crystal in pear shape very often in the market. You can see it in other shapes such as kite, oval, princess, cabochon, etc.

Moss aquamarine vs. aquamarine:

The only difference between these two crystals is their physical appearance. In general, the aquamarine stone is an ocean blue-colored crystal, and sometimes it shows a greenish-blue color. On the other hand, the moss aquamarine crystals show moss green color spots on blue or greenish-blue background all over the crystal. These spots are formed by the accumulation of higher amounts of iron in the stone. The remaining properties are the same for these two crystals.

Uses of this amazing crystal:

This blue-colored beauty is famous not only for its stunning beauty but also for its extraordinary healing properties. Some of the uses are given below:

Brings out new ideas:

If you are a man of ordinary life and want to get rid of it. Here is the best solution that is wearing this stone. Yes, this stone can give wonderful ideas to its wearer. As a result, you can create new opportunities and climb greater heights in your career. So, you can move on to new extraordinary life.

Improves self-expression:

Gemologists call it the stone of courage. It can clean emotions like fear of speaking and improve communication skills and self-expression. The wearer of this stone can easily access calmness and freely express his inner truth, and feelings with clarity in difficult situations.

Develops a bunch of skills:

This wonderful crystal can develop optimistic skills in its wearer. Skills like wisdom, intellectual reasoning, discipline, perseverance, and endurance will flourish in the wearer’s heart and mind. So, with the help of this stone, the person can act accordingly in a correct manner in difficult situations.

How to spot the real one?

Getting real gemstones is not an easy task because there are a lot of fake crystals on the market. Hence, you should be aware while buying your stone. Here are some tips that help you to find the real one very easily.

Examining through touch:

This is the best way to find out whether the stone is real or fake. You must hold the crystal in your hand. If you feel a cold sensation while touching it, it is real. In contrast, if it is hot to touch, then it is a fake stone.

Checking its hardness:

The stone is a relatively hard stone. It shows resistance to scratches when you scratch with the knife blade, fingernail, etc. If your crystal shows scratches when you rub it with a fingernail or blade, it is surely a fake crystal.

Look for air bubbles:

You should look in the stone for air bubbles. If your stone does not have any air bubbles, then the stone is the original one. If the crystal is showing the air bubbles, then do not buy it, because it is definitely a fake one.

How to clean and store this ocean blue beauty?

You may clean the crystal with warm and soap water. Clean the dirt present on the stone gently with the help of a soft brush. Furthermore, you can clean it with the help of ultrasonic and steam cleaners. If the stone has fractured, then cleaning through cleaners is not recommended.

Apart from the above, it is not recommended to expose the crystal to high temperatures and strong chemicals, especially acids. Acids like hydrofluoric acid can damage the stone.

Moreover, you should wrap the stone in a soft cotton cloth while you are not using it. Keep it away from other hard stones like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires to avoid unnecessary scratching.


Whatever may be the problem in your life? This ocean blue crystal brings drags you out of difficult situations and helps you to achieve your goal for sure.

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