How to Keep Gold Chain Clean?

Gold Chain Care

Is your gold chain losing its shine? Then, don’t worry. If your gold chain is looking dull and has lost its original shine at all. All it needs is a deep cleaning to remove all the dirt and make it look brand new again!! Gold chains are of course a well versatile accessory everyone has. It is costly but it looks fabulous. They give you shine and transform the sense of styling and one of the most common features, they are more casual.

The gold chain weight is light and flexible to carry. But yet many of us have complained about the chain that it loses its shine and spark as time goes on. Do you want to know How to Clean a Gold Chain at Home!!

How can I clean my Gold Chain at home?

Here is a solution for all your worries about gold chain care!!

Making gold clean is an easy task. But you need to know the right tips and tricks. My recommendation to you is to pack your gold in a zip-lock bag and wash it with your hands frequently. Gold is frail material. So, be careful and gentle.

There are some things/materials for cleansing of gold chain:

  • A little portion of detergent with a soak of warm water.
  • Some drops of Ammonia.
  • A soft baby toothbrush.
  • Towel, paper, or tissue for drying.

Tips for Gold Chain Care:

  • Remove your gold jewelry before shower, bath, or any cleaning. Exposure to soap and chemicals can destroy the gold shine.
  • Don’t wear gold jewelry in the swimming pool or chlorine-type chemicals, they will permanently discolor the gold.
  • Always keep a separate column for gold jewelry. It’s important to place it in a different pouch, not with the rest of it.

To keep its shine, you take care of your jewelry by washing them regularly with a solution of 10 parts of warm water and 2 parts of dish wash soap.

For drying, you should soak your jewelry with a nice towel or tissue. And at last, must do scrubbing with a soft baby toothbrush. This tip gives a nice shine and cleaning effect to your Gold Chain.

Things that damage the Gold Chain.

Chlorine solution can damage and give colorless metals (like gold and platinum) and can slowly erode the polish of gemstones. Before going to the sand (or gardening). or in dirt and small rocks remove your gold chain. If not clean it right away, when you come back. Otherwise, your jewelry can be permanently damaged.

Direct sunlight can cause colorless and dullness in gold. Ultra-rays can create many more problems for your gold, leading to fast deterioration. The heat of the sun can also dissolve the color of your gemstone. So, it’s my advice to store your jewelry in a cool place.

Not only chlorine can damage your gold chain but there is also one more substance i.e., saltwater which can damage your jewelry too. Salt causes erosion of soldered gold, silver, or platinum elements. In the end, our previous gold gets weakened or potentially broken.

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