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We ship to over 120 countries worldwide! We offers International Free Express Shipping (takes 5-7 business days for delivery) available on all orders above USD1000 and Free Postal Shipping (takes 15-20 business days) available on all orders above USD100.
All Express shipments are sent through reputed courier service providers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, ARAMEX, India Post EMS & TNT.

Our Shipping Options

Worldwide Express Shipping-

  • We offers International Free Express Shipping (takes 5-7 business days for delivery) available on all orders above USD1000. And for orders below USD1000, It costs USD35.
  • Express shipments typically arrive within *5-10 working days. Shipments can be tracked online and are fully insured.

Standard Global Airmail/Postal Shipping-

  • We offers Free Postal Shipping (takes 15-20 business days for delivery) available on all orders above USD100. And for orders below USD100, It costs USD10.
  • Standard Airmail Shipments typically arrive in *15-20 Business days. Our standard shipping option is usually fast for USA, most of Asia, Europe and UK.

* These are typical quoted times.

* Standard airmail shipments to many countries can take longer than our typical quoted times, including Canada (up to 12 weeks), South Africa, Israel, Italy, Spain, Reunion, and Malta, (30 days), Mexico, Central and South America (45-60 days), Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Islands, British and US Virgin Islands, French Polynesia and Tahiti (8-10 weeks).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which countries do you ship to?

N.N. Exports ships to over 120 international destinations. We can ship to virtually every country in the world by registered mail ($10 USD), which typically takes anywhere from 15-20 business days for delivery. We can also ship to most countries by Express Mode ($35 USD), which takes approximately 5-7 days for delivery.

Which countries do you offer FREE SHIPPING?

We provide FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for orders above USD1000. And FREE POSTAL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for orders above USD100.
(Note: The Shipments which are sent by express courier like FedEx, Aramex, etc. and typically take 5-7 business days to deliver).

Which Shipping Options can I choose from?

As mentioned earlier, for orders above USD1000 , we offer Free Express Shipping Worldwide.

For orders below that value, you have an option to select from Postal Shipping (15-20 days) and Express Shipping (2-10 days). Both these options are highly subsidized by us.

Please note that certain courier companies have restrictions on carrying certain types of natural gemstones and jewelry outside India. For example: Aramex may not carry gold jewelry, FedEx may refuse a certain type of natural gemstone, etc. For such the orders will be dispatched from the next best courier, or through the alternate express shipper EMS Speed Post which does not have such restrictions (takes upto 5-15 days to deliver). This usually affects a small number of orders and courier policies may vary with time. Please feel free to contact our customer support team before placing your order to know the situation at that time.

Note: Postal shipments in some cases may not be trackable online. All Express Shipments are trackable online.

What about Custom Charges, Duties, etc?

Please be advised that we are not responsible for any custom charges, duties, VAT, etc. that your country may be charging as these vary from case-to-case and are beyond our reach. However, note that currently there is no import duty on loose gemstones in the US, Canada and Europe. In other countries, this typically ranges around 1% only. Additionally, professional buyers can also recover the VAT. You are advised to contact your local customs for any clarification. Additionally, feel free to contact us, and we may in some cases have older experiences from customers to share.

Also, please note that for international orders that AFTER dispatch, are either refused by the customer, or cancelled, the customer will be liable for all custom duties and VAT charged by their country, in order to return the items back to us. Only after receipt of the item by us, balance due to the customer, less all fees, custom duties and VAT, will be refunded to the customer as per the refund timeline.

Is my shipment safe?

All our international shipments are packaged with double care! We understand that the journey is long and far, and ensure that you will not be disappointed. Additionally, we partner with reputable logistics providers like FedEx that take good care of your package. Our shipments are sent in durable, tamper-evident packaging. Additionally, all our shipments are insured. The insurance cost is included in our shipping costs, and you do not need to pay anything extra.

Can I track my shipment?

All our shipments can be tracked online. However, postal shipments to certain countries like Afghanistan, Canada, Israel, etc. may see a delayed tracking. Note that all our express shipments are sent through reputed logistics carriers like FedEx and Aramex. Please use this link to find tracking information for your country.

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