Agate gemstones online-Agate is a gemstone exemplifying inner beauty. Often, this chalcedony variety looks less-than-desirable from the outside. A stunning composition of weaving patterns and vivid colors makes agate one of the most visibly diverse gemstones in the world. It is a cryptocrystalline type of quartz which has multiple varieties, each uniquely their own.

The original agate meaning comes from the ancient Greek philosopher, Theophrastus, who named the stone after the Achates River in Southwestern Sicily between 400 and 300 BC and the river’s name, Achates, translates to Agate in English.Today, agate is the Gemini zodiac birthstone (May 21-June 21), representing balance, stability, and harmony.

Wearing agate is said to improve one’s perception, concentration, and analytical abilities. It is also used to stimulate the digestive system and internal organs. It is believed to promote sensible thinking, decisiveness, and helping people to achieve a peaceful life. It is an excellent gemstone for self-examination and will assist you in uncovering the hidden significance of different situations.  

Agate care and maintenance aren’t tricky because gemstones are hard. Therefore, they won’t break easily. If you want your gemstone to continue promoting positive energy, you should clean it on a regular basis – once or twice a month should suffice. The best way to clean an agate gemstone is with soap and water, as this will remove any contaminants that may be present on the stone.

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