Apatite gemstones online-The mesmerizing Apatite is a group of phosphate minerals that share similar chemical composition and physical properties. This magnificent gemstone comes in a wide range of colors varying from neon and different shades of blue, purple and red. As a result, it has gained a certain level of popularity and demand. The Apatite is considered to be an inspirational and fascinating gemstone.

 Apatite was initially described in 1786. When it comes to the stone’s name, it’s derived from the Greek word that means “to deceive.” The reason for that is because apatite was often confused for other stones, especially peridot and beryl. As a phosphate mineral, it is occasionally mined for its phosphorus content.

This gemstone is believed to decrease appetite (hunger) as well as enhance insight, creativity and learning. It is said that wearing apatite will enhance focus, clarity for concentration, intellect, acceptance and unconditional love.

Apatite is very sensitive to high temperatures therefore; the gemstone should not be cleaned in steam cleaners.  Using soft and warm, soapy water is the best way to clean apatite gemstone.

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