Citrine gemstones dealers online-Citrine gemstones are one of the most popular and widely used stones in the world of jewelry. With a vibrant color that ranges from golden yellow to orangish brown, citrine gemstones have been used since ancient times as personal adornment and even as currency in some cultures. 

 The word citrine is derived from the French word for lemon, citron. Citrine gemstones are yellow to orange in color and are an excellent choice for gemstones that represent creativity and wealth. Citrine has a hardness of 7, which makes it easily scratched.

The ability of citrine gemstones to stimulate the appetite makes them useful for healing stomach ailments and supporting metabolism, though they are not considered true garnets by geologists because their chemical composition differs from traditional garnets. Citrine is said to be helpful in healing the digestive system, and can also help with issues related to insomnia. Citrine is also thought to promote creativity and self-confidence. Citrine gemstones can bring a great deal of happiness and positivity into your life.

  Soak your gems for a few minutes in the water solution until all dirt is loosened, then remove and dry with a towel.  Polish off any spots or stains with vinegar by dipping a small cotton ball into the vinegar and rubbing in circular motions on the affected area of the gemstone until spot is removed.

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