A Full Guide of Gem Stone Shapes and Cuts

Gem Stone Shapes

Gemstones are a very beautiful creation of nature and they are tiny little stones that hold beauty and powers within them. They come in different colors with a tiny sparkle in them. – Gem Cuts and Shapes.

The enhancement of a Gemstone is because of the shape they are cut in. Their criteria for defining shapes give them a super crystal in it. Therefore, go for gemstones you always first check the various shapes of the gemstone. Then, it becomes worthy of buying.

Cutting stone by a process in which rough crystal is turned into polished, transparent, and brilliant gemstones, as we commonly know them. This structure gives a specific shape to the stone. Like: Cut and Shape – Work together step by step to perfectly enhances the color, clarity, and shine of the gem.

Gemstone has cuts to make various beautiful shapes which increases the appeal of these tiny crystals.

Here is a list:

Common and Versatile Gem Stone Shapes in the Market:

1. Square

The square shape in gems is a variation of stone roughly dressed and has various cuts. They consist of lots of other cuts and give beauty and catching style to the gemstone.

The Square cut consists of two other cuts:

Princess (Square)

The princess cut is very popular and in demand, especially for newlyweds, and teenage lovers. Most of the buyers want princesses cut in their engagement ring. As they look elegant and smart on women. Princess cut gemstone has a square shape with an eye-catching cut with pointed corners. This gemstone is of high value. As it gives brilliant colors to the gemstone, especially at the center.

Asscher (Square)

Another type of square gemstone is Asscher which is smaller than compared to emerald shape. This style is an octagonal shape that assembles the twentieth-century style in it. It is invented in 1902 and in 2001 people saw a modification in this shape.

2. Oval

The oval shape stone depends on the cutting tool and technique. It may be in a perfect oval shape with smooth edges and polished finishing to the shape. The oval-shaped contains the most carat weight in a Gemstone over the other shapes. It is highly in demand, As, it is the most common shape of the gemstone in the globe. Almost all the designs of gemstones are available in this shape.

3. Heart

The heart shape is seen as the modified version of the pear shape. It is the most popular gemstone design among lovers and couples because the heart is the symbol of love. On special days for loved ones, the sale of heart-shaped gemstones rises the sky.

It is a tiny little piece of pear shape gemstone that turns into a heart shape which is not an easy task. This small process requires lots of great cutting and sharping.

4. Pear

A pear-shaped gemstone mostly found in earnings and pendants. As it shapes like a drop of water or any liquid substance which is rounded at the end and pointed to the top. It has higher catching power and is 56 to 58 faceted. 

5. Round

A round shape is a very common and versatile piece in gemstones. Because this shape is the only shape that comes first in the market. It looks classic and has high market demand. However, the most popular engagement rings are there in round diamonds. The rounded crystal sparkle effect of gemstone makes it more appealing.

6. Marquise

Marquise is similar in shape to an oval with some slight changes. Its exact shape is like a seed or leaf with modified brilliant cuts. To make this marquise shape gemstone you need passion and skills. Marquise shape gemstone enhances the visible size of the stone without altering the carat weight. This property, Its highly in demand.

7. Radiant

The radiant gemstone has a bright sparkle in a round shape and straight lines of emerald in it. The corners are trimmed and their angle is 68 to 70 facets in a stone. In this radiant shape, Gemstone carries the property of a round shape as well as the square lines of emerald and makes it a highly desired shape in the market.

8. Briolette

Briolette shape is similar to the pear shape with some modifications. It is considered one of the hardest cuts to achieve in gemstone shapes. The main difference between a pear and Briolette shape stone is that it’s faceted on all sides.

This shape has its origin in India around the 12th century and gained demand during the 17th and 18th centuries. In the modern era of gemstones, it’s achieved the classic and usually counted vintage shapes of Gemstone.

9. Trillion

As its name, it is a 3D shape triangle stone. It’s paired with three triangle cuts which result in 31 to 43 facets on the surface of the gemstone. Trillion gemstones are very popular in modern days jewelry design. This shape gives excellent brightness to the Gemstone. The Gemstone in this shape may have either rounded or pointed corners and may have straight or curved sides.

10. Rectangle:

This is another popular Gemstone shape that has its categories. Just like the square shape gemstone, it is also paired with different cuts to give a beautiful style to the gemstone.

List of Small Rectangular Shaped Gemstones.

Rectangle Emerald:

The most popular rectangle shape is the emerald, which is common among all the Rings Jewelry. The top surface in Gemstone is flat and the corners are in angled shape. The edges of the stone are sharped and this style has a close resemblance to mirrors. Instead of having a deep sparkle, it has a rectangle emerald and a soft gleam which shows the clarity of the gemstone.

Rectangle Baguette:

The baguette is a long, narrow, rectangular-shaped gemstone; one end may be thinner than the other. It was the first practiced shape in the 1920s during the Art Nouveau period. Since it has made a place in the world of desired shapes in Gemstone. This shape resembles a thin layer of emerald.

Rectangle Cushion:

This cushion shape has a common mixture of both rectangle and square shapes. It is also called a pillow-shaped gemstone. In this shape, the stone has cornered and round edges. A Gemstone has large facets and due to this, it enhances the clarity and transparency of the crystal they increased.

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