List of gemstones by color

List of gemstones by color

Diversity is a beautiful expression created by God in his creation.  If you are digging deep into the philosophy of diversification, you will know that every aspect of this world shows diversification in its unique way, like religions, customs, and traditions, climatic conditions. And the world of gemstones is not an exception to diversification. The family of gemstones exhibits a wide range of colors and they are popular for their beauty. From bright green to marvelous pink, dusky red, brilliant blues, dazzling black,  pretty yellow, the elegant lavender, and so on. You may not able to count how many colors the gemstone species exhibit. 

Here is the List of gemstones by color:

Amethyst- Stone of spiritual wisdom:

It is a semi-precious stone, that falls under the quartz family. Though Amethyst is available in deep purple color, it shows different hues of colors like violet to red-violet. According to gemologists, amethyst is transparent and eye clean with no visible inclusions. Upon treatment, amethyst exhibits vitreous luster. It is a fairly hard stone with a hardness of 7.0.

Emerald- The stone of new beginnings:

Emerald is a precious stone that belongs to the category of the mineral beryl. Emerald is a bright green stone; it shows a range from bluish-green to green. Gemologists regard emeralds as transparent and eye-visible inclusions are commonly seen in emeralds. It is one of the hard stones having a hardness of 7.5 to 8.0. Upon polishing emerald exhibits vitreous luster.

Ruby- King of gemstones:

Ruby is one of the traditional stones used by the people. It is a precious stone that falls under the mineral corundum family. As a red-colored stone, it captures the eyes of the people popular for its mesmerizing beauty. It shows different tones of red ranging from pinkish-red to blood-red color. People refer to ruby as eye clean with no visible inclusions, but some exhibit streaks and inclusions that are of low quality and price. Upon polishing ruby shows vitreous lustre. It is one of the hardest gems having a hardness of 9.0.

Sapphires- Stone of wisdom:

Sapphire is one of the precious stones that belong to the corundum mineral family. Sapphires are not confined to a single color, it shows a wide range of colors. Generally, blue sapphires are prominent and abundant in the world of gemstones. Yellow, purple, orange, and green colored sapphires are also seen in the market. Gemologists refer to sapphire as transparent and it has inclusions normally. Upon polishing it exhibits Vitreous luster. The hardness of sapphire is 9.0.

Diamond- Stone of purity and faithfulness:

The diamond represents the purity and faithfulness of a person’s heart. So, there is no wonder that ancient people used diamonds in wedding and engagement rings. Though white diamonds are popular in the market, diamonds are available in a variety of colors. Yellow, brown, and gray-colored diamonds are prominently seen. Blue, green, black, pink, violet, orange, purple, and red colored diamonds are not so often in the family of diamonds. Inclusions are commonly seen in diamonds that are visible only under 10 x magnification. Some diamonds are transparent and some are translucent in nature. Upon polishing diamond shows adamantine luster.

Pearl – Queen of gemstones:

The gemstones which were mentioned above are formed in the lap of mother earth, but this pearl is unique regarding its formation source which is animal (pearl oysters). Pearls are semi-precious stones that belong to the carbonate mineral family. Though white colored pearls are very common in the gemstone market, other colors like pink, silver, cream, brown, green, blue, black, yellow, orange, red, gold and purple are seen less often in the market.

Last but not least:

The gemstones described above are the most popular and widely used crystals. There are many varieties of colored gemstones which are yet to be described. Here are the remaining colored stones:

Yellow-colored citrine, popular for giving success and abundance, Bright red garnet, which is nicknamed the stone of passion and creativity. A brilliant blue stone named Iolite is famous for enhancing self-motivation. Beautiful purple stone Kunzite assists its wearer to attain good fortune.

Moonstone is known for different colors, that enhance mental abilities and maintain mental balance. Wonderful pink Morganite helps its wearer in stress-relieving. Multi-colored opals, known for their play of colors, Marvelous greenstone, Peridot commonly called as the stone of joy. Pink-colored stone, Rose quartz is known as the Stone of love.

Many colored  Spinel is known for their powers to strengthen the body. Rich purple Tanzanite is known for its rarity and healing powers. Rainbow-colored Tourmaline, which is popularly known as the stone of transmutation.

Beneficial aspects of colored gemstones:

Because of having high positive energies and mesmerizing beauty, colored gemstones are widely used in the fields of jewelry and healing.

Colored crystals as healers:

What do colored crystals mean to health and wealth?

Colored gemstones are highly known for their healing crystal energies that can bring their wearer good fortune, prosperity, and wealth.

These crystals are known for maintaining good physical health.

Spirituality and colored gemstones:

In spirituality, wearing colored gemstones opens the gates to universal positive energy and helps the wearer to access that energy. These crystals also help the wearer to communicate with spiritual beings and access guidance from them. Colored gemstones assist the wearer in peaceful meditation.

Maintaining harmony in life:

These crystal energies are mostly popular for maintaining balance in the wearer’s life. By reducing negative emotions like anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, and mental confusion and bringing out positive emotions like self-motivation, optimistic thinking, and harmony with the relationships with other people, enhances mental skills in the wearer.

Why not in beautiful jewelry?

These rainbow-colored stones are most popular in the field of jewelry making. Because of having eye capturing the beauty and wonderful colors gemstones are suited for jewelry and are most admired by beauty lovers. Gemstones are available in a wide range of authentic shapes like oval, rectangle, square, and soon. Fancy shapes are not an exception in the jewelry world and shape like pear, kite, and trillion are seen in the market.

Interesting facts about colored gemstones:

Some of the gemstones exhibit properties that are unique and interesting. Which are as follows:

Double refraction:

When polarized light is passed on the crystal, then the beam of light will split into two rays, each ray goes in a different direction. This optical phenomenon is known as double refraction. Some of the gemstones that show double refraction are Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Citrine. The gemstone malachite double refraction is 0.254.


If the crystal is show different colors when it is viewed from different angles or planes, then the crystal is known as a pleochroic crystal. This phenomenon is called pleochroism. Some of the gemstones that exhibit pleochroism are tourmaline, iolite, and kunzite.

How to spot the real crystal?

In the present situation, all fields are contaminated with fraudsters. The world of gemstones is not an exception for fraudsters. You must pick the original stone from the mixture having both fake and real crystals. Here are some keys to spotting the original one:

  • Always have the information regarding how to differentiate real from fake before purchase.
  • Communicate with the reliable dealer, and ask him about the information regarding your gemstone, like properties, color, clarity, etc. 
  • If you can afford the money, then you can take your gemstone to a nearby jeweler and request him to perform laboratory tests.


A colored gemstone is an apple to the eyes of beauty adorers, a solution for people having health issues, a friend who assists in success for the people who are in the fields of spirituality, career, family relations, etc.

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