Lemon Quartz: Everything You Need To Know!

Lemon Quartz

Lemon quartz is a semi-precious stone that falls under the quartz family. In the world of gemstones, Lemon quartz has many nicknames like Lemon citrine, Lemon topaz, and Green gold. It is one of the rarest varieties among the gemstones known for its positive energy vibrations and healing powers. Lemon quartz is popular for having the capacity to assist in meditation, distracting unnecessary thoughts, improving memory power, attracts money.

Fact sheet of the gemstone Lemon quartz:

Lemon quartz is the birthstone of the month of February.

The hardness of the stone is 7.0 on the Moh’s scale.

The specific gravity of the crystal is 2.65 and the refractive index is 1.54 – 1.55.

Lemon quartz helps to reduce the cravings for cigarettes, and unwanted food, as its vibrations improve the inner fortitude (strengthen the brain). Hence it is called an anti illness stone.

What does the Lemon Topaz historically mean?

The historical usage of lemon quartz is not known clearly as it is not popular in ancient times. Are you ready to know an interesting fact about Lemon quartz or Ouro Verde quartz? It’s not like the rest of the gemstones it needs two gemstones for its formation. It is a combination of Amethyst and yellow quartz.  The Lemon quartz market is famous for having both natural lemon quartz which is the rarest and man-made varieties which are available in abundance. 

The name Ouro Verde quartz is a Portuguese name for lemon quartz meaning Green gold. Lemon quartz is traded in Brazil in the olden days by the name of Ouro Verde quartz. It was first developed by gemologist Mark Liccini, The process is described below:

 The raw gemstone is taken and irradiated with cobalt-60 gamma rays at a very low dosage and the gem is heated in a household toaster oven in several steps to form lemon quartz.

Lemon quartz meaning:

The name Lemon quartz itself explains that the gemstone has a light yellow color or Lemon yellow color. Lemon quartz stone enhances intellect and promotes quick reasoning, and makes the wearer understand the situations and problems in a better way. That means it assists in quick decision-making whenever it is necessary. For many years, Lemon quartz has been called a protective stone that gives protection to the wearer while doing business, or when the person takes a high risk.

Know about characteristic features of Lemon quartz:

If you are looking forward to purchasing the Lemon quartz then you should know about the characteristic features of your gemstone. Here are some given below:

Lemon quartz is a silicon dioxide chemically. It is abundant in minerals like silicon and oxygen and tracer amounts of iron. Though Lemon quartz shows a lemon-yellow color, some stones exhibit a range of colors. The color range is from yellow to orange and sometimes it shows hues of green.

Clarity of the Lemon quartz:

Gemologists regard Lemon quartz as eye clean, which is the best quality, some exhibit minimum inclusions. The price may vary with the intensity of inclusions which means Lemon quartz, which has minimum or no visible inclusions have a greater price. Upon treatment and polishing the stone, shows vitreous luster.

Cut and shape lemon quartz:

Carving untreated gemstone results in the enhancement of its beauty and minimizes its inclusions. Cabochon cut and emerald cut are best suited for the lemon quartz gemstone. Lemon quartz shows a wide range of shapes including both traditional and fancy shapes. Lemon quartz shows the following types of shapes in the market: Beautiful oval, stunning rectangle, Marvelous kite, mesmerizing pear.

Places where Lemon quartz is found in abundance:

Though natural lemon quartz is not an exception in the market of gemstones, the market is abundant with man-made lemon quartz.

It is made by heating amethyst, yellow quartz, and iron together at very high temperatures. Lemon quartz is found in abundance in places like Burma, Russia, Spain, France, Argentina, and Brazil. The natural ones are mined in particular regions of Germany.

Beneficial aspects of Lemon quartz:

Lemon quartz is one of the rarest varieties, that has a greater power to heal the wearer’s problems. The healing benefits of Lemon quartz are described below:

Lemon quartz – Stone of clarity:

Energies of the Lemon quartz have the capability to filter out unnecessary mental distractions and confusion within the mind. After removing confusion lemon quartz energies will boost up the sharp helpful thoughts in your mind. Then you can focus on your desires and work on desires so that they come true.

Assists in stress-relieving:

If you are leading a stressful life and looking to get rid of negative feelings like anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, then Gemologists will recommend you wear a Lemon quartz stone. As it reduces anxiety, and stress in your life and boosts up self-esteem, and an optimistic inner personality.

Attracts positive energy:

Gemologists often request you to wear or keep lemon quartz with you, as the crystal energies have the capacity to attract positive energies and transfer those positive energies to your physical body and your aura.

Lemon quartz – Stone of spirituality:

Spiritually it is tuned to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra aids in the formation of a connection between you and universal energy. It also helps to achieve deeper meditative states and access spiritual guidance.

Other benefits:

It stimulates the solar plexus chakra, so it can cure digestive problems. 

It aids you during a financial crisis and attracts money.

It improves your inner intuition.

Know how to pick the real one:

Are you wandering in the world of gemstones to purchase Lemon quartz? Then you must make sure that the lemon quartz, you are going to buy is definitely an authentic one. Here are some ways to spot the original crystal:

By observing scratch resistance:

Lemon quartz crystal is a relatively hard stone. It does not show any scratches when it is scratched with a fingernail, blade, or knife. If your crystal shows scratches, then it is a dummy. If not it is the original one.

Be aware of citrine:

You should not be mistaken in thinking of citrine as lemon quartz, because lemon quartz strongly resembles citrine stone. The only difference is the saturation of the color at the physical level.  

By performing laboratory tests:

If you can afford the money, then you can take your stone to a nearby jeweler and request him to perform the lab tests like specific gravity and refraction, etc.

Know how to clean and store:

You can wash your crystal with warm water having a mild soap, you can clean the dirt using a brush or soft cotton cloth. 

Lemon quartz is typically a hard gemstone so, it can be cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner.

Exposure to extreme heat and harsh chemicals is not recommended, as its damages the quality of the stone.

While you are not using the stone, make sure that you should wrap it in soft cotton cloth, and keep it away from hard stones like diamonds, rubies, and other hard stones, as there is a chance of formation of scratches on your lemon quartz.


Are you looking to get rid of negative emotions or energies? or Are you tied to your stressful life and seeking a peaceful life?  Here is the best solution to your problem which is wearing lemon quartz stones.

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