RED GARNET: Everything You Need To Know!


The word Garnet does not belong to a single kind of gemstone. The family of garnets refers to a group of gemstones that have the same chemical structure but differ in their mineral composition. They are available in a variety of colors like orange, pink, green, and red. Out of them the red ones are most commonly found in the market. Red garnet has a great connection with the human heart. It enhances love and sexuality. It is also used in the reduction of toxins, and blood purification, and wearing this brings calmness.

Fact sheet of red garnet:

  • Red garnet is the birthstone of the month of January. 
  • The hardness of red garnet is 7.0 to 7.5 Mohs scale.
  • The specific gravity of Almandine is 4.05 and for pyrope, it is 3.78.
  • Red garnet is the stone of love, it is the best choice to be given to your loved ones.

Red garnet usage in ancient times:

The word garnet was derived from the Latin word granatum, which means pomegranate, As it has a red color that resembles the seed color of a pomegranate. Red garnet is considered one of the most popular stones which were used in ancient times by people for spiritual protection. Red garnet was greatly admired by Egyptian pharos around 3500 B.C. It was used as a decorative piece in the necklaces of pharos, as they think that it protects them from evil. They even entombed red garnet along with their dead bodies. As the centuries passed by, from 23 to 79 A.D red garnets were among the most extensively traded gemstones. In the middle ages, red garnets were regarded as the symbol of nobility.

Know about the unique features of red garnet:

There are many red-colored gemstones in the market of gems. If you want to distinguish it from the other red color gemstones here are some unique features that a red garnet has:


Red garnet belongs to the silicate family. The chemical composition of garnet consists of aluminum, silicon, and oxygen in common to all kinds of red garnet, and some minerals may vary in the types of red garnet. Based on what types of minerals are present in red garnet, the red garnet family is further classified into two. One is an iron alumina garnet with deep red color, called Almandine. And the second one is magnesium alumina garnet with blood-red color, known as Pyrope.  Both Almandine and Pyrope belong to the Nesosilicate category.


Though it is deep red in color, some of the almandine stones vary in their color intensity such as reddish-orange to red, slightly purplish red to reddish-purple. This color variation is due to the iron percentage in the stone. Deep red-colored stones are more desirable and valuable in the market.


Though it is available in blood-red color, some stones of Pyrope have color tones such as Blood red to black-red, red, orange-red, pink, some varieties are very dark, almost black. Pyropes that are rich in mineral chromium, are liable to heat and change to green color on exposure to heat.

Cutting of red garnet:

Carving the stone brings out a sparkling glow and enhances the intensity of color. Both Pyrope and Almandine can be faceted and cabochon. The best cut of red garnet exhibits its maximum good looks.

Clarity and shapes of red garnets:

Gemologists refer to red garnets as eye-clean and transparent. For Almandine and Pyrope, there are no eye-visible inclusions. The clearer and more transparent the red garnets the more valuable they are.  Polishing Almandine gives rise to a greasy to vitreous luster. Pyrope upon polishing results in greasy to vitreous luster.

The most common shapes of Red garnets which are commonly found in the gemstone market are oval or ellipse shapes. The other shapes in which red garnets are available are dodecahedral and trapezohedral, these both are polyhedrons.

Regions in which red garnets are found in plenty:

The pyrope occurs as ultramafic rocks in the earth’s mantle. Bohemian Hills of Czechoslovakia was regarded as Pyrope’s best supplier in the world of red garnets. Apart from it, pyropes are mined in Rome, Greece, the Middle East, and Serica. The origin of Almandine is from Metamorphic Rocks in the earth’s mantle.  Almandine availability is abundant in Sri Lanka, especially Ceylon. So, Almandine is also referred to as Ceylon- ruby. Apart from Ceylon, the other regions which are famous for the mining of almandine include German East Africa, the United States, and Wrangell in Alaska.

Know about the healing powers of red garnet:

Red garnet has the power to boost up your love relationships and wearing it brings calmness. some of the advantages of red garnet are given below:

Cleanses internal negativity:

If you are surrounded by negative thoughts and you are yearning to get rid of it. Here is the best solution for your problem which is holding the red garnet for some time. Yes! The red garnet has the ability to cleanse and remove negative energy whether it is in the aura or it is negative emotions it removes that negative energy or negative attachments from you.

Brings newness to your life:

Are you tired of your daily routine, or do you want something new in your life? Wearing red garnet drags you out of the boring lifestyle. Yes, this stone can help you to look at your everyday life with a fresh and new perspective. With the aid of red garnet, you may learn new things in your life, or you may establish stable and long-lasting relationships with people.

Red garnet – Handling the difficult situations:

If you are landed in a crisis, whether it is a financial crisis, or if you lost all that you have like you became unemployed or family problems. Here is the best medicine to handle the crisis in your life. In this type of problematic situation, Gemologists often recommend you to keep the red garnet stone with you. It balances your emotions like anger, and depression and helps you to look at hurdles in an optimistic way. So, that you can find the solution to your problem.

Last but not least:

Gemologists often ask you to wear red garnet because it enhances metabolism, it has the power to cure bone and spinal disorders. It helps you to lift up your immune system and energy levels. It also plays a key role in the blood purification and detoxification process.

Spot out the real one:

In the world of fraudsters, it is difficult to find out the real red garnet stone from the fakes. Here are some tips to find the authentic one:

By observing inclusions:

According to Gemologists, red garnets are eye clean with no visible inclusions. Hence it is the best way to pick up the real one. If your garnet stone shows eye-visible inclusions, then it is a dummy or else it is the original.

By observing Scratch resistance:

Red garnet is a fairly hard gem. It exhibits resistance to the scratches formed by a knife blade or fingernail. If your stone shows this type of resistance then it is the original one. or it is an imitation stone.

Clean and care of red garnet:

You should clean the red garnet with warm and soapy water. You can rub the stone with a soft cotton cloth. For fractured stones, ultrasonic cleaning is recommended. Avoid steam cleaning. 

Keep away the red garnet stones from other hard stones like diamonds, ruby, and sapphire to avoid scratches. Wrap the stone in a soft cotton cloth when it is not in use.


If you are a love seeker or looking for peace in your life or wanting to establish an everlasting relationship with the people then wearing the red garnet stone will be the best choice.

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