Black Rutile: Everything You Need To Know!

Black Rutile

No matter how many colors are there in this world, a combination of black and white colors always has the capacity to capture the eyes of people. Of course, contrasting colors increase the beauty of an object. Among the pieces formed by mixing these two colors, Black rutile quartz ranks first position in the family of gemstones.

Apart from the above colors, these crystals are available in different colors like Brown, reddish-brown, blood red, red, brownish yellow, pale yellow, yellow, pale blue, and violet. As it is the stone of light and positive energy, it removes all negative thoughts even suicidal tendencies. Moreover, it brings good health and wealth to its wearer. Let us explore some interesting facts about this crystal.

Black Rutile Fact sheet

This stone is the birthstone of the month of April.

The hardness of the stone is 6.0–6.5.

The specific gravity of the stone is 4.23 and the refractive index is 2.613-2.909.

Legend of this stone:

When Venus, the roman goddess once went for a bath in a mountain river. Accidentally, her hair fell out and it was frozen in water. When she saw the hair in frozen water, she was amazed because it looked beautiful. Then she turned it into a beautiful stone. Hence the name Venus hair stone.

What did this crystal mean to ancient people?

People knew this stunning beauty centuries ago. Abraham Gottlob Werner was the person who gave their name to this stone in the year 1803. In Latin  rutilus, meaning “reddish.” Before 1800 people refer to this stone as red schorl. It was widely popular as angel’s hair or venus hair among the people. In the olden days, people had a belief that this stone helps in communicating with the angels, hence the name angel’s hair. Moreover, people were used to calling these stones bridges because this stone has the capacity of connecting the past, present, and future of a person. So, fortune tellers used this crystal from ancient times.

Characteristic features of Angel’s hair stone


You can call this stone the beauty of contrasting colors. The stone gives an appearance that looks like black needles embedded within colorless transparent or clear glass. Furthermore, you can see stones having needles in bunches, or you can see the stones with needles that are dispersed all over the stone.


It is a semi-precious stone that belongs to the group of oxide minerals. People call this crystal titanium oxide in chemical terms. And it contains iron, niobium, and tantalum. And the black color of the needles is due to the difference in the iron percentage.

Clarity of the stone:

Except for the needles or inclusions in the stone, it is clear and transparent. And the arrangements of inclusions in the stone are parallel, star-shaped, criss-cross, or any random arrangement. When it comes to value it is different here than the rest of the stones. In fact, the more inclusions in the stones, the greater the value of the stone. After treatment and polishing, it shows adamantine luster.

Cut and shape of the stone:

Normally, carving the stone results in enhancing the beauty and reduces the inclusions. But, in the contrast, when it comes to angel hair stones, the inclusions improve the beauty of the crystal. Hence the craftsman chooses to cut the stone in such a way that it has a large number of inclusions. Cabochon cut best suits this crystal to raise its beauty.

This crystal is available in a variety of shapes in the market like square, rectangle, oval, pear, kite, heart, etc.

Origin of this wonderful beauty:

The deposits of this stone are present all over the world. Two countries became famous for the mining of the stone, The first is Brazil and the second one is Madagaskar. Apart from the above, the mines of this crystal are found in the countries like Norway, Australia, the UK, Pakistan, and the US. In India, the leading producer of this stone is Orissa. Kerala and Tamil Nadu are also well known for offering this stone to the world.

Healing benefits of Angel’s hair stone:

This crystal is one of the amazing stones that have enormous positive energy. So, you can see the usage of this stone in healing. Moreover, People especially women adore it because of its stunning beauty. Hence it is used widely in the making of ornaments. Some important uses are below.

Strengthens positive side in you:

Though the stone has black inclusions, it is famous for its ability to strengthen the positive side of the wearer. Gemologists regard this stone as Anti depression stone. This is because it acts as an enemy to depression and helps you in reducing it. Furthermore, the stone enhances your positive attitude. Therefore you can handle difficult situations in a better way.

Aid in finding the best people:

This stone can generate positive energy and hence you can grow in both your inner and outer personality. There will be a glow in your inner behavior which attracts people having the best positive vibrations towards you. Moreover, it also helps you to maintain a stable and healthy relationship with that person.

Helps in improving a bunch of powerful skills:

It has the capability of activating the crown chakra and the root chakra. As a result, it helps you to increase your skills to a greater extent. By wearing this crystal you will develop communication skills, decision-making, discipline, and perseverance. So, you can achieve success in your life for sure.

In ornamental usage:

You can see this stone in amazing shapes and designs in the market. A skilled craftsman can embed it in beautiful jewelry items, in such a way that it can capture the eyes of the people. You can see this stone in ornaments like finger rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

How to pick the real one?

These days it can be a difficult task to pick the original one among the fakes, but with the help of the information below, you can easily pick the right ones. Hence take a look:

Checking through air bubbles:

If you are new to the gemstone market and you are willing to buy this stone. Then you must not purchase the stones with air bubbles. Because the real ones don’t have any bubbles within them.

Gathering information:

Before buying the stone, you need to know important information about the stone. You must know the information like properties, physical appearance, clarity, and quality of the stone. Nowadays, there is a lot of information available on the internet. With the help of collected information, you can easily choose the real one.

Performing laboratory tests:

If you can spend the money, then here is the simple way to pick the original one. You can take the stone to a nearby jeweler. And ask him to perform tests like specific gravity, hardness, refraction, etc. By the result of the test, you can surely tell whether the stone is real or not.

Process of cleaning and storing:

You can clean the stone with warm water containing mild detergent. And also, you can remove dirt present on the stone by using a soft brush.

You should not expose the crystal to high temperatures and strong chemicals. Doing so will damage your crystal.

Apart from the above, you must keep it away from other hard stones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc to avoid unnecessary scratches.

Moreover, you can wrap it in a soft cotton cloth and keep it in a dry box. store the stone in a cool and dry place.


It is the bright black-colored stone (black rutile) that boosts the positive attitude by reducing the negative thoughts in the wearer. Thereby it helps the wearer to reach greater heights in life.

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