Indigo Kyanite: Everything You Need To Know!

Indigo Kyanite

Are you looking for spiritual guidance? or you may be are seeking a way to improve your communication with others for a better and stable relationship? Look no more. Here is the best solution that is Indigo Kyanite.

Kyanites are semi-precious stones that are available in various colors like Blue, white, gray, pink, orange, black, and rarely green and yellow. Whatever may be the color is, these crystals have a greater power to improve the communication of a person, and also these gems are the best choice for wonderful dreaming especially lucid dreaming. Coming to Indigo Kyanite, its unique feature lies in aligning all chakras in a human body.

Fact sheet:

The hardness of the stone is  4 to 4.5 (when you cut parallel to the axis) and 6 to 7.5 (when you cut perpendicular to the axis).

The specific gravity is 3.53 – 3.65 and the refractive index is 1.71 – 1.73

Along with the sapphire stone, kyanite is also the birthstone of the month of September.

It is one of the crystals that show pleochroism, fluorescence, and anisotropism.

The historical significance of this extraordinary crystal:

There is not much information available about the usage of this stone in the olden days. But, there is evidence that proves this stone came into light through a person named Abraham Gottlob Werner a German mineralogist in the year 1789. Furthermore, people call it as “disthène” meaning two forces in the Greek language.

In 1801 René-Just Haüy, a French mineralogist was the first person to call this stone as disthène, based on its electrical properties. Apart from that, this stone is popular by many names like blue talc, sappare or sapparite , laminated beryl, munkrudite, and kyanite zeolite. Until the 20 th century people misunderstood this crystal as sapphire, because of its deep blue color.

What does this gem mean?

The word Kyanite came from the Greek word Kyanos which gives the meaning Deep blue. Apart from being beautiful, it also has greater healing powers. The crystal energies improve the peaceful and non-violent nature of the wearer. As a result, the wearer becomes more kind and compassionate to others. People admire this stone because it can stop the unnecessary thoughts, confusion, and negative emotions like anger, frustration, etc.

Characteristic features of Indigo Kyanite:

Though there are a lot of healing crystals present in the world, each gem is special on its own. The properties of this stone are below. Take a look:

This amazing stone is an ammonium silicate mineral in chemical terms. It falls under neso silicate family. It contains aluminum, silicon, and oxygen and also tracer amounts of minerals like iron, chromium, titanium, and vanadium. In fact, various colors of kyanite is due to the presence of these minerals in smaller or larger amounts.

Clarity of the stone:

People refer to this stone as transparent to translucent in nature. You can see the stones with inclusions or flaws in the market because normally all stones have inclusions. After polishing and treating this stone shows Vitreous luster.

Cut and shape of the stone:

Though almost all cuts enhance the beauty, Cabochons and Rose cuts are the best choices in crafting the gem. These attracting gemstones are available in different shapes (both traditional and fancy shapes) like oval, square, rectangle, heart, pear, etc.

Formation and Origin of this wonderful crystal:

The formation of this gemstone takes place in the lap of mother earth. Yes, In fact, it is the sedimentary rock under the earth, and its shaping occurs at high-pressure variations during the transformationof the rock.

This stone is mainly mined in the Kali Gandaki region, which is situated in the border region of Nepal and Tibet. This region is one of the most famous deposits which was discovered in the year 1995. The other places which have deposits of the gem are Brazil, Kenya, Myanmar, Austria, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, and the USA.

Benefits of Indigo Kyanite:

All kinds of gemstones have their best positive impact on many fields in human life like spiritual, emotional, health and wealth as well as career life. Indigo Kyanite is not an exception to this. Some of the best uses of this stunning crystal are listed below:

Washes off negative emotions:

This crystal is one of the best stones which does not have any kind of negative energy and has only positive powers. As a result, it can remove negative thoughts of the mind like depression, stress, anger, and frustration. Apart from the above, it also brings calmness and fills the wearer’s life with peacefulness.

Improves communication and self-expression:

The crystal energies of this stone have the capacity to reduce and remove obstacles like fear in the process of communication. Furthermore, it helps the wearer in developing communication with others and also skills of self-expression in front of others. Thereby it aids in maintaining stable relations with others.

Best aid in meditation:

You can call this stone as a stone of meditation and spirituality because it helps the person in the process of meditation. This crystal activates the throat chakra and also aligns all the chakras in the body. Hence, the wonderful power of the stone not only enhance your inner personality to a higher level but also open the gates to spiritual beings and helps you to take guidance from them.

Ornamental usage:

The Indigo gemstones colour and stunning shapes of this gem are very alluring. So, beauty lovers cannot take their eyes from this excellent crystal. This specialty makes it a well-wanted material in ornamental usage. Indigo blue kyanite is famous for its colourful beauty; therefore it is used widely in jewellery.

Assists in physical health curing:

This gem regulates blood pressure and improves body motion. It acts as a pain reliever. Moreover, the positive power of the stone can cure diseases related to the eyes, lungs, neck, and thyroid gland.

How to pick the original one?

Are you looking to buy kyanite stone? You must take care in such a way that you should not fall into the hands of cheaters. Here are some ways to point out the original stone:

Check through the hardness:

Kyanite is a unique stone that shows the feature of anisotropism. This means you will notice different types of hardness in a single stone. Take a coin and scratch it on the stone at different places. If the stone is real you will notice that the softer parts of the stone were scratched. On the contrary, the harder parts show scratch resistance. If the stone is fake the entire stone shows scratch resistance.

Check through streaking of the color:

The real stone exhibit streaking of the color. That means you can see clearly line marks of different color saturation on the same stone. If your stone shows streaking then it is the original one.

Last but not the least:

Another important feature of this stone show is fluorescence. If your stone shows dim red fluorescence under long-wave UV light. Then you can tell blindly that the gem is the real one.

How to clean and store?

You can clean the gem with the help of warm water and mild detergent. Furthermore, you can remove the dirt gently by using a brush. You should not expose the stone to extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals. Doing so will damage your stone.

If you are not using the stone, you must wrap the stone in a soft cotton cloth. Moreover, keep away the stone from other hard stones like diamonds, rubies, etc to avoid scratches.


As the Indigo kyanite is the stone of high positivity it pulls you out easily from difficulties and problems in your life.

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