Ethiopian Opal: Everything You Need To Know!

Ethiopian Opal

History of Ethiopian opal:

Ethiopian opal, which has subsisted for centuries has been first discovered in 1994 in Ethiopia and was rediscovered and started to rule the gems world in 2008 is one of the best among other gemstones and is originally from wollo province of northern Ethiopia. Opals were also mined from the Menz Gishe District in the northern parts of the Shewa Province. The word Opal has its Sanskrit name “UPALA” which means Valuable stone. These beautiful opals exhibit an amazing play of colors just like picking from a painter’s palette with varied colors and patterns. The reasonable prices and its extortionate beauty have made Ethiopian opal the most popular these days.

Ethiopian opals with their contemplate look just lights up unlike other Australian Opals and give a dramatic appearance. The lightweight and their more durable nature have made Ethiopian opals a joy to wear jewelry. Found on the rocks of water the composition of the Ethiopian opal is water along with Silica. Though found beautiful by nature, they are treated in labs to augment their color and quality. 

Ethiopian Opal Color:

Ethiopian opal color ranges from transparent to white, yellow, or orange tone in their natural state which exhibits fierce flares within every color of the rainbow. Ethiopian opals can be found in different colors like black, turquoise, green, pink, and more by smoke treating them in labs. 

The fascinating Ethiopian Opal is known by another name that is Chocolate Opal because of the chocolaty color inside the excrescence. The brilliant flashes emitted by this gemstone make it the best choice for the buyer. The natural form of opal is said to be colorless but is very rare to find which has struck impurities that make it even more attractive.  

Synthetic cure and Healing:

An exceptional natural Ethiopian Opal has a mystical power to revitalize and purify the aura around the wearer. The Ethiopian Opal has in it the energies of both sun and moon which helps in increasing the confidence and brings the calmness to oneself to deal with tough situations. This gemstone helps in taking away the negativity present in the person and brings karmic excellence and protects the wearer by radiating the phenomenon of diffraction. 

Water being the main component of Ethiopian Opal improves the mental health and water content in the body. This gemstone is used in activating the root chakras which makes the person wearing it come out bold and create a sense of security. Ethiopian Opal is useful in performing metaphysical activities like meditation. 

Healing Properties of Ethiopian Opal:

Ethiopian opal has the ability to increase the psychic balance of the individual and improve the communicating power. Wearing an Ethiopian Opal increases the self-secure nature and disseminates the depression present deep inside the person. It also encourages direct those wearing it in a better way by keeping away from negative thoughts and negative energies. 

Used as a physical healer:

  • It enhances the health of the eyes, hair, nails, and skin of the individual wearing the Ethiopian Opal. Helps in blood purification by assisting the kidneys and develops insulin production in the body. This gemstone is known to heighten sexual vigor and heals ear infirmities. 
  • This spellbound gemstone has a laxative effect which reduces constipation and helps in decreasing the poisonous effects on the body. It is said to reduce gastric problems, and prevent dehydration by increasing the water retention capacity in the body.
  • Ethiopian Opal helps to steady out the neurotransmitter problems if any and helps in balancing the hormonal imbalances in females and facilitates childbirth. Helps in appreciating the health of the heart, lungs, and liver of the wearer.

Used as an emotional Healer:

  • Ethiopian Opal plays very well with the emotions in a positive way by increasing the calmness of mind and helps in retaining the lost faith and loyalty and purity. It helps the gem holder to increase his confidence and become more positive during negative situations. 
  • According to ancient studies, this mesmerizing gemstone is called a jewel of happy changes. 
  • The various colors refracted from this Opal bring out different emotions like white getting freedom, brown bringing wisdom, yellow for wealth, and green for happiness, etc. 
  • By uplifting the emotions, Ethiopian opal makes the individual believe that everything around him is good and positive.

Used as a spiritual healer:

  • The Ethiopian Opal is known to enlighten the aura around the individual wearing it. By increasing the psychic and mystical qualities of the person wearing this opal. 
  • It helps in enhancing the karmic and cosmic awareness and helps to increase the intuition and insight by augmenting the lucid dreaming. The Ethiopian Opal plays the role of a guide which helps to make the journey of self-realization easier. 
  • Associated with the planet Mercury, this enchanting gemstone attracts positive energies which improves communication with the heavenly energies. 
  • Helps in increasing the religious beliefs of the wearer and combats materialism. Ethiopian Opal is a water stone that has a perfect sync with the spirit of water.

Ethiopian opal Care and cleaning instructions:

  • In order to keep your Ethiopian opal safe for years without fading its shine, there need to be followed some care instructions while cleaning your opal jewelry. Avoid any kinds of chemical treatment at home as this reduces the life of the stone. Using a delicate cloth dipped in warm water will serve the purpose. 
  • Do not panic when your Ethiopian opal jewelry comes in touch with water accidentally. Though you may find the change in color and transparency which will retrograde in days’ time to its original color. 
  • Ethiopian opals require little moisture and it is better to avoid complete drying of the stone. Store them in a zip lock cover with a moist cloth wrapped over it. 
  • Do not worry if you drop your Ethiopian opal as it can sustain a fall as far as it is four feet or below. But it is safe to take proper care while handling them as they are precious and double your beauty when worn. 

Facts about the Ethiopian Opal:

  • Ethiopian opal is considered to be an ancient gemstone that has evidence of its existence in caves of Kenya but was rediscovered again in the mid-90 when the mining of this exquisite jewel began.
  • First grade Ethiopian opal has a palette of colors ranging from orange, red, green, pink, yellow, brown, white, and blue. Unlike the Australian Opals, it has unique colors and striking patterns which makes it different from an Australian Opal.
  • In a recent study conducted by NASA, they discovered the planet Mars to be the home of Opals.
  • Ethiopian Opal is considered to be the most fortunate gemstone among other opals.
  • Being the birth stone of those born in October and are considered lucky for the astrological sign Libra.
  • Apart from the attractive nature of this Ethiopian Opal, it symbolizes purity, innocence, and hope.
  • Ethiopian Opal is the gemstone of Ethiopia and Australia and contains the mineral silica and 21% water within it.

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