Peridot: Everything You Need To Know!


Peridot belongs to olivine (silicate), a family of ancient gemstones. It is one of the rare gemstones, available in a single color that is green. However, the intensity of the color varies according to the composition of iron. Gemologists recommend this stone in the place of emerald as it helps in the elevation of vital strength, and drives calmness and happiness into the wearer.

Fact sheet of peridot:

  • Peridot is the birthstone of the month of August. 
  • Its specific gravity is 3.22 to 3.45, which increases with an increase in iron content.
  • Its hardness is 6.5 to 7. Hardness increases with an increase in magnesium content.
  • Exposing peridot to rapid or uneven heat leads to fracture of peridot.

 Know about the past of peridot:

There are no definite opinions as to where the name peridot is derived from but, most people accept that peridot is derived from the Arabic word faridat, which means gem. However, some people believe that it is derived from the Greek word peridona, conveys the meaning of giving plenty, and some argue that it is originated from the French word peridot means Gold. 

The Stones were widely famous in Egypt around the year 1500 B.C. available on Topaz Island near the red sea. The people of Egypt kept these stones secret. These stones were obscured by the fall of the Egyptian empire. It is rediscovered in the year 1906. Ancient Egyptians used to wear this stone, and they believed it draws away dark and evil. Ancient Greeks think that keeping this stone would bring them good luck and prosperity.

How to distinguish peridot from other gemstones?

If you are looking to purchase Peridot stone, you should know about its unique characteristic features, here are some:


Peridot is one of the few gemstones, which appears in a single color that is olive green. The color intensity varies according to the composition of iron from yellowish green to brownish green and in some cases dark-toned pure green. The intensity of the color increases as the percentage of iron increases. Apart from iron it also contains olivine, silicate, magnesium, and oxygen.

Cut, shape, and clarity:

Gem Cutter Will Cut the Peridot according To Customer needs to form different shapes. Out of various types of cuts, table and step cuts are very popular, as well as they can be cut via unconventional checkerboards cuts. Some other cuts are mixed cuts and fantasy cuts, brilliant cuts, concave cuts, etc.


Peridot can be found in many shapes including fancies and traditional rounds, ovals, emerald cut (octagon), marquise, trillion, and cushions.


According to gemologists, peridot exhibits excellent transparency. Eye clean specimens are abundant. Larger stones appear slightly cloudy due to the presence of inclusions and impurities. When peridot is cut and polished it turns into attractive, greasy, and vitreous luster.

Know about the abundant regions of Peridot:

Unlike other gemstones, Peridot is formed in the earth’s deeper mantle region. These are brought up to the surface by volcanic activity, and occur in igneous rocks.

The main source of peridot is the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona.  some other parts of the world capable of sourcing Peridot are Arkansas, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico at Kilbourne Hole, in the US;  Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Kenya, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.

Beneficial aspects of the stone Peridot:

Transition in everyday life:

Gemologists recommend carrying this stone as it brings transition in your life and helps you to adapt to the transition. Normally you may face two types of situations, positive and uninvited (negative). Wearing peridot helps you to appreciate the good ones and forget about the bad experiences. Peridot helps you to move on to the future and let go of the past experience.

Ease negative emotions:

Keeping peridot with you helps you to wipe away negative emotions like jealousy, and anger from you. So gemologists ask you to keep peridot with you as it washes off all kinds of ill emotions, so you can concentrate on your work and move on.

Bring balance into your life:

Doing multitasking jobs has become quite common these days, resulting in stress and lack of concentration. If you are surrounded by this kind of brain fog gemologists advise you to have peridot with you, as it helps you to elevate your concentration and help you to prioritize your to-do lists tasks in a systematic manner, and balance the thing in life.

Making your desires come true:

Meditating by holding peridot stone in your hands brings the positive energy of higher vibration into your aura, making your aura stronger. And also activates the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra and enhances the connection between the two. Thereby you can tune to the heart chakra, bringing the desire out. With the help of the solar plexus chakra, you can take the right action at the correct time, resulting in your desire coming true.

Aid during financial problems:

It is the best option to get rid of financial problems. As keeping peridot attracts money to you, favors you good fortune and prosperity.

Physical health improvement:

Peridot helps in curing ulcers and stomach problems. It aids in removing body pain. It can improve the digestion process and enhance nutrient assimilation.

Selection of authentic one:

Gemstone markets have both fake and real gemstones. It depends on the intelligence of the purchaser, whether he/she buys a real one or a fake. In the present age, everyone can acquire knowledge about authentic gemstones. Here are some ways to find the original peridot among fake ones.

Test based on color:

True Peridot Stones are olive green and yellowish-green. Fake ones too have the same color. If you want to buy real stone first you have to examine it under the light of a torch and natural light. True Stone does not change color elsewhere, but the color intensity of duplicate one changes from light to dark or vice versa.

Double refraction test:

Normally peridots exhibit a double refraction phenomenon. In this test, you should hold peridot against light, and you should look with a magnifying lens, resulting in the splitting of single light into two, known as double refraction. If the light splits into two then it is the original, if not it is fake.

Lab testing:

Here is an excellent to point out the real one. If you can afford some amount of money, you can approach to nearby laboratory or jeweler and ask him to test the stone.

Way to clean and store:

You can clean peridot with warm and soapy water, by rubbing with strongly woven microfiber or with a soft cloth. You should not clean with ultrasonic and steam cleaners. It can be stored at normal temperature, exposure to high temperature, and acids damage the composition. It should be packed in separate cloth to avoid scratching.


If you are looking for excellent growth in your life, keeping peridot is the best option. It brings good fortune and prosperity into your life and life of your loved ones.

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