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Iolite is a violet or blue-colored semi-precious stone, which belongs to the cordierite mineral species. Gemologists consider it an astrological substitute for blue sapphire.

It has the unique characteristic feature of pleochroism, unlike other gemstones. It plays a key role in promoting inner intuition and in healing physical problems. It aids in the improvement of your self-confidence.

Fact Sheet Of The Gemstone Iolite:

  • Iolite is the birthstone of the month of September.
  • Iolite is a moderately hard stone with a hardness of 7.0 – 7.5 on the Mohs scale.
  • There is a belief that iolite has a power that can make you travel in astral planes during sleep and enhances the ability to remember your astral travel in a physical state. 
  • The specific gravity of iolite is 2.61 and the refractive index is 1.55 – 1.62.

In what way did ancient people use Iolite?

The word Iolite is derived from the Greek word ios meaning violet. Viking marine navigators were recorded as the first persons who used iolite stone as a polarising filter.

They used iolite crystal to know the exact position of the sun on cloudy days and travel their way safely on Oceans. So, it is regarded as a Viking compass. Talisman of iolite was very popular in times of behind. There is proof that 18th European people used iolite in their jewelry.

Though Iolite is the stone that people have been using ever since hundreds of years, American geologist, W. Dan Hausal is credited with rediscovering iolite in the modern age.

The rediscovery of a larger quantity of iolite in the area called Palmer creek in Wyoming (USA) by Dan Hausal was the first recorded evidence in the current age.

How do distinguish Iolite from other stones?


Iolite falls into a family of cordierite, which is magnesium iron aluminum cyclosilicate mineral. Naturally light to dark blue or violet-colored stones is abundant. Uncommonly iolite shows a range of color shades like yellow, gray, green, or brown.

The unique feature that separates it from other stones is trichroic pleochroism (you can see the stone in three different colors when you view it from three different angles). As the color intensity of stone increases so does its value.

Iolite cut and shape:

Proper carving of iolite by a skillful gem cutter, turns it into the best. Typically iolite is given a step-cut to bring out a darker tone.

Windowed or shallow-cut are also chosen to carve iolite to reduce its deep shade. Commonly iolite is available in standard forms like oval, round, square, rectangle, and pear and also available in fancy forms.

Iolite clarity:

Iolite stones are somewhat opaque in clarity, Normally it is transparent to translucent in terms of clarity. The skillfully carved and polished stone can be transparent and eye-clean but seen rarely. Performing deep cut alters transparency, as a result, the stone turns opaque.

Almost all iolite stones exhibit eye-visible inclusions which are very common in larger stones. After carving and polishing it turns into oily, vitreous luster.

Places that have abundant iolite deposits:

There are numerous places where iolite gemstones are available around the world. India is the major source of iolite stones and some places which are known for the origin of iolite include  Australia (Northern Territory), Brazil, Canada (Yellowknife), Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Tanzania and the United States, including Wyoming and Connecticut.

Healing and beneficial aspects of iolite:

Gemologists often regard this stone as the stone of inner wisdom and guidance. Here are some benefits you can get while connecting with iolite.

Provokes in intuition:

Iolite has the capability to activate the third eye chakra, resulting in the awakening of intuition (Inner wisdom or inner voice of a person). It activates and promotes the connection of your constitution and your inner wisdom, thereby enhancing your growth to greater heights.

Aids in recollecting dreams:

 As you know that dreams reveal your problems and you can have solutions to problems. Dreams often manifest your life purpose, the way to achieve it. Iolite is known for its excellent power in connecting you to the dream world.

It also helps in remembering your dreams after sleep, leading to your desires and purpose coming true.  

Acceptance and decision making:

If you are surrounded by difficult situations, looking to get rid of struggling here is the best solution that is to wear iolite. It helps you to accept the situation as it is and provokes your inner voice, which gives guidance in decision-making.

Assist in curing of physical health:

Iolite not only awakens intuition but also assists you to solve your health issues. It plays a key role in reducing fat deposits in the body. It aids in the detoxification process, improves regeneration of the liver, supports the respiratory system, and enhances the activity of the pituitary gland.

How to pick out the correct one?

If you are willing to purchase iolite, caution should be kept in mind that you should not fall into the hands of fraudsters. Some simple ways to pick out the real ones from the fake ones are given below.

Checking through scratch resistance:

Iolite typically comes under the family of hard stones ( as its hardness is 7.0 to 7.5). It generally shows resistance to scratches. If you scratch iolite with a fingernail or knife blade it should not show any kind of scratches. If it shows it is not an authentic one.

Checking through trichroism:

Trichroism is the unique feature of iolite. That means you can see it in three different while viewing it from three different angles. Fake iolites are devoid of this feature.

So if your iolite is exhibiting trichroism it is the original or else it is not the real one. 

Last but not least:

If you can afford the money, you can take iolite to a nearby jeweler and request him to perform the laboratory tests. The properties like specific gravity and refractive index are unique for the authentic iolite.

You can also approach reliable dealers, and communicate with them, by asking about information about iolite, and lab report certificates while purchasing iolite.

Process of cleaning and storing iolite:

Though iolite is a moderately hard stone, you cannot expose it to heat or detergents while cleaning it. Here are some ways regarding cleaning and storing iolite. 

Do not expose iolite to extreme temperature and heat, doing so damages the iolite.

It is not advised to use steam boiling and cleaning through ultrasonic methods. You can gently wash it with warm water and use mild soap. You can clean it with a brush or soft cloth.

Care should be taken that when it is not used it should be wrapped in a soft cloth as it is fairly hard.


If you are a seeker of your inner wisdom, longing to cure your health issues, and need to overcome struggling situations in life, what may be the problem there is one perfect solution that is keeping iolite with you.

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